About Us

"Holly and Ivy" (Founded 2018) is the creative vision of Director and /Owner, Karl Narkiewicz. From a young age, Karl formed a heightened passion for art and design. When travelling around the world with his family, or even heading to the local shopping centre, Karl’s favourite destination was always centered around the vibrant and colourful gift and home ware stores. As such, and in his early high school years, Karl found his first part time job at a local florist in Ivanhoe, Victoria. What started as a weekly visit, soon turned into an exciting new lifestyle and career pathway. While weekdays would be spent studying for school, it was on weekends (often leading into late nights) in which Karl devoted his time to this newfound inspiration. Scouring the internet for the next best giftware, attending trade shows or meeting with suppliers to secure new products soon became his top priorities. 
It was after a few years that Karl realised his favourite season to buy for, was the festive season (Christmas). And whilst he had always loved decorating the home for Christmas, and coming up with a different table theme every year, he never thought that it could turn into a career. So when Karl graduated, the idea of "Holly and Ivy" was evidently born. 
Holly and Ivy”, is a curated collection of unique and meaningful Christmas decorations. As a brand, our goal is to educate the community and to bring the Christmas spirit into your home and your gift giving. Our blogs and styling “How Two’s?” are the perfect way to get your home looking the best for the festive season. With boutique collections catering for all budgets and home sizes, you are sure to find something that will spark joy in your home for many years to come!
“Oh, Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.” ―Valentine Davies, Miracle on 34th Street